A unique and innovative team bonding exercise!

If you are looking for a team-bonding exercise that ignites team spirit, friendly competition and creates infectious excitement, look no further! Register your team today.

Rush-A-Way Corporate challenge is a competition that guarantees excitement wrapped around a fun format which relies on team work and a never say die spirit!

In the Rush-A-Way Corporate Challenge, a whooping 100 teams representing various organizations will compete across 8 unique challenges set around Dubai on Saturday, the 29th of April to win the coveted title.

The size of the team can range from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 individuals. Each team will require a car to drive between challenge locations. Early bird registrations start at AED 200 per person which includes participation, T-shirt, goodies and a chance to win prizes worth AED 15,000 !

Registrations closing soon


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What is the Rush-A-Way Corporate Challenge?

The Rush-A-Way corporate challenge is a quest involving some absolutely adrenaline pumping and nerve rattling challenges for 100 competing teams from different organizations. The teams will work together on challenges thrown at them that will test their mental strength, navigational skills and physical fitness across 8 unique and unconventional tasks to win the coveted Rush-A-Way title. The competition embodies the spirit of teamwork and bonding.

What are the Challenges?

The 8 challenges in the competition won't be disclosed until the race, as we believe that the sensation of thrill lies in suspense. The teams might have to overcome an obstacle course set up in a desert, hop on kayaks to retrieve a clue, or even rack their brains to solve logical clues to help escape a situation. The teams must be mentally and physically prepared for the quest. All Challenges are based on the fundamental principle of working together in a team and doing things as a unit.

How can i register?

Teams can comprise of 2 to 4 members. Early bird registration fee is AED 200 per person. The registration fee is inclusive of T-shirts, a goodie bag, as well as a chance to win prizes worth AED 15,000 ! Each member must be aged 18 years or above. The driving member of the team must have a valid UAE driving license. Each team needs to have a car to drive between the locations of the challenges. Limited spots available, register your team soon. If you have a group bigger than 10 people from your company, get in touch with our team to avail a group discount.

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