KEEP EXPLORING with Rush-A-Way Discoveries

The Rush-A-Way Discoveries is the latest concept from the makers of Rush-A-Way, developed with love to help Rushers live by the motto, 'Keep Exploring'.

What is R-A-W:Discoveries

Rush-A-Way: Discoveries is a fresh and enlightening experience full of the most unconventional and exotic ventures & activities taking place across Dubai. Incubated by the cadre behind the R-A-W: Challenges, R-A-W: Discoveries umbrellas many exciting feelings ranging from exhilarating to informative all while encouraging the free spirits in you to 'keep exploring'.

How does it work?

On an average, the R-A-W discoveries duration will range between an hour or two. It will be a journey of learning and feeling the joy of discovering a new experience. The focus here lies on the exchange of functional and technical information related to the activity and we will be there to guide you throughout the way. Rushers will then spend some time practicing what they learnt and will prepare for a challenge that will put their knowledge to test which will bring the Discovery experience to a happy ending. We say happy ending because while the winner gets glorious prizes (of course!), the rest will take home with them an informative hamper of joyous memories!

What’s in store for R-A-W: Discoveries?

With the aim to help Rushers explore new experiences and discover their city's hidden treasures, R-A-W:Discoveries will tap into the more atypical and entertaining escapades such as Sushi Making, Paddle Boarding and Archery, amongst many other invigorating activities.

R-A-W Discovery – Sushi Making

Discover the art of rolling Sushi, at our first Rush-A-Way Discovery session. It is a juxtaposition of delicate architecture and scrumptious food. The session includes an interactive sushi making class, a practice session and a sushi making challenge which could win you a voucher to dine at Miyabi.

Registration Details

  • Discovery Date – Saturday, 14th January 2017
  • Location, Miyabi Sushi and Bento, Media City
  • Time - 12:30 pm
  • Duration – 75 minutes

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